Philips PPA1280 iPhone til mini HDMI kabel

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iPhone kabel til forbindelse mellem iPhone 40 pins kabel og Pico projektor * Passer til PPX2480/PPX2450/3610 * Giver mulighed for at vise billeder og film

Model/Varenr.: PPA1280
Lagerstatus: Forventet levering 3-5 dage

How can I connect my PicoPix to an iPhone/iPad/iPod with PPA1280?

To connect the Iphone IPhone/IPod/iPad (30 pin connector) to your Picopix 2450 or 2480 you need the PPA1280 cable:
- Connect PPA1280 to the iPhone and the Picopix,
- Select ?component? source in the Picopix menu,
- Play a video or start a slideshow to project the image.