Scansonic M9BTL aktiv højttaler - HVID

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Scansonic HD-serien * 1 x sealed ribbon tweeter med kapton/aluminum sandwich membran * 2 x paper-polypropylene coned 4,5? bass/mid højttalerenhed * 1 x 8? woofer enhed * 2.4GHz aptX streaming via Bluetooth * 80 watt Class-AB forstærker * 2 RCA/PCM indgang og optisk digital indgang * højde 151 cm * Fjernbetjening

Model/Varenr.: M9BTL HVID
Lagerstatus: Forventet levering 3-5 dage

The M-9 BTL is designed around an ultralight ribbon planar tweeter and two paper-polypropylene, compound midrange drivers with a side-mount 8? bass driver for the lowest frequencies.

The speaker is front ported in the bottom and is crossed over at 3.5 kHz and 300 Hz with second order slopes.

The M-9 BTL is active with 2.4GHz aptX streaming capability and four direct-wired and digital inputs.

The speaker is wireless and has a powerful, 80W, class-AB amplifier built in.

For the The M-9 BTL, we have opted for learning function.
The learning function means that the speaker is capable of learning the codes from your existing remote control. There are several good reasons as to why we selected the aptX, 2.4GHz wireless data transmission system for our powered and wireless speakers.

If you device supports aptX, you will not only benefit from the very good audio properties with full CD quality data transfer, you will also benefit from the unique feature that aptX connects directly to your device. On the contrary, our wireless speakers work with any Bluetooth device, even if they are not aptX compatible. Another great feature of aptX is that it also connects directly between devices. This means that the streaming data connection through your home Wi-Fi system is not congested with the audio data stream to the speakers.
The active Scansonic BTL speaker models also have two RCA/PCM wired inputs and optical TOS-link input.
For the amplifier we have chosen to work with the high performing class-AB amplifiers to ensure the best latency. To ensure better timing between channels, we have chosen to transmit the wireless data to just one speaker where the amplifier driving both channels is placed.

Technical information

Size: (WxHxD) 151 x 900 x 298 mm
Weight: 23,6 kg
Freq. response: 40 Hz - 30 kHz
Impedance: > 6 ohm
Crossover: 3.5 KHz - 2. order acoustic slope 300 Hz - 1. order
Enclosure: Heavily braced, ventilated box design with
front loaded port
Drive units: 1 sealed ribbon tweeter with kapton/aluminum sandwich membrane
2 paper-polypropylene coned 4,5? bass/mid driver with underhung magnet system
1 8? woofer
Finish: Black-piano or White-piano
Amplification: 80 W Class A-B
Inputs: Wireless: 2.4GHz aptX
Optical: Toslink optical inputs
Wired: 2 RCA PCM inputs
Remote-control: Learning function